Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Building 178 received a $44 million overhaul. During World War II the building was used to build submarines. This modernization includes the outside of the building siding replaced with highly insulated wall panels and a new roof. On the south side there are now “solar transpired walls” that heat indoor spaces. The north roof now has a photovoltaic array for electricity generation. The end result is a state-of-the-art materials handling facility.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Prior to design Doucet Survey was hired to complete a detailed exterior and interior survey of this iconic building. Covering nearly 4 acres and 110 feet tall the building is massive. Survey crews took over 4,000 three dimensional measurements to gather sufficient data to prepare plans for the project engineers. For three years during construction Doucet Survey provided on-call construction layout for concrete, steel and wall panels. As-built surveys were provided to allow site supervisors to conduct QA/QC and make necessary adjustments in near real time.

Doucet Survey Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

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