Dam and Hydrographic Survey

Dam and Hydrographic Surveys

Doucet Survey began work in dam and hydrographic survey in 1989 doing a pre-dredge survey of Hampton and Seabrook Harbor using a single boat with a small outboard motor, complete with echo sounder for depths and total station on shore for horizontal location of the sounding.

Technological advances in equipment and software have changed today’s methods, but Doucet’s commitment to accurate measurements for these critical structures and facilities has not changed at all.

Springfield Dam

Dam & Waterfront Survey

  • Emery Mills Dam – Shapleigh, ME
  • Bicentenial Park Seawall, Hampton, NH
  • Wentworth by the Sea Marina – New Castle, NH
  • Hampton Marina – Hampton, NH
  • Blacks Creek – Quincy, MA
  • Brickyard Estates – Dover, NH
  • Gooseberry Island, Kittery, ME
  • Ossipee Lake Community Docks – Ossipee, NH
  • USCG Boathouse – Boothbay, ME
  • Portland Yacht Co. – Portland, ME
  • Bellamy Reservoir Dam – Madbury, NH
Milton Dam

Highlights & Hurdles

Working on or near rivers, lakes and oceans

Emery Mills Dam

Challenge: Precisely the existing location of an old stone block dam to allow for long term deformation monitoring.

Solution: By establishing control points in nearby ledge outcrops and scanning the dam face with our Laser Scanner we can return periodically to re-scan and monitor movement of the stones.

Emerly Mills Dam

Waterfront projects present challenges that we embrace.

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