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Residential Surveying

Given the speed at which the real estate market operates, speed of delivery and rapid response to needs throughout the permitting phase is paramount for our residential developer clients. The combination of experience, firm size and use of combined technology solutions allows Doucet Survey to consistently meet and exceed needs for this unique client base.



Residential Development Experience

  • Single-family residential subdivisions throughout NH & ME ranging from 2 to 110 lot subdivisions totaling over 1500 Lots
  • Multi-family residential apartment & condominium projects throughout NH ranging from 3 to 140 unit buildings totaling over 1,400 Units
Residential Survey


“I have to say our relationship has been so good. Your quality, speed and service are top notch.”

Eric Chinburg, Chinburg Builders

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Newmarket Mill

Highlights & Hurdles

Birchwood Ponds Residential Development

Challenge: 70-acre, 50-lot subdivision with significant offsite improvement requirements. Typical dynamic permitting process requiring additional survey support on short notice.

Solution: With multiple conventional crews and a UAV crew, we have been able to meet sudden deadlines, and stay on budget.

Surveyor in Doorway

Experience with the use of combined technology solutions maximize the delivery speed.

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