Federal Sector

Federal Sector Surveying

Our experience in the federal sector includes survey and land mapping projects for the United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard, United States Marine Corps and United States Navy to the United States Postal Service.

From Thule, Greenland to the USCG Academy in Connecticut, our federal clients constantly challenge us to tap into our talents to identify the most effective means of completing the task at hand.

Federal Sector Survey

Federal Sector Experience

  • US Navy – Over 20 years surveying at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  • US Air Force – Pease Air National Guard, Hanscom AFB, Thule’s Greenland AFB
  • US Coast Guard – Facilities along the east coast from Maine to Connecticut
  • US Maine Corps – GIS Mapping & Analysis for Recruiting
  • US Postal Service – Facilities through Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine
Federal USCG Station - Rockland

Highlights & Hurdles

US AFB Thule’ Greenland

Challenge: Provide high accuracy survey control in a very short timeframe for a hydrographic survey, in a remote and challenging Arctic environment.

Solution: Utilizing high accuracy GNSS technologies and a minimalist approach, as well as the knowledge and expertise of the local base personnel and the Danish National Space Centre.

Federal Experience US Air Force Base Greenland

From base maps to construction as-built we have your survey needs covered.

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