Land Surveying

Surveying Services

Doucet Survey Inc. is committed to meeting your land surveying and mapping needs. Our land survey services allow for accurate, comprehensive surveys of highways, utility corridors, bridges, construction layouts, and much more.


Highway Surveys

Our experienced and OSHA certified highway surveyors collect data to provide accurate layouts of terrain, landscape features, utilities, and more. Highway surveying services include:

  • Right-of-Way & Topography
  • Taking & Easement Plans
  • Recordable DOT Plans
  • Layout
Land Planning Services

Bridge Surveys

Bridge construction requires surveying precision of the highest degree. Our experienced team of bridge surveyors performs the following services:

  • Boundary & Easement Research & Location
  • Topography & Detail of Bridge Elements
  • Layout
  • As-Built & Monitoring
Bridge Surveys

Utility Corridor Surveys

From ROW surveys to wetland location, Doucet has provided comprehensive land surveying services on more than 125 miles of electric utility corridors across New Hampshire. Utility corridor survey services include:

  • Boundary & Easement Research & Location
  • Topography
  • Layout & As-Built
Powerline Surveying

Detailed Topographic/Engineering Surveys

Detailed topographic surveys are our specialty. From large commercial/retail lots to municipal, healthcare, and residential development, we’ll provide your team with highly-detailed, design-ready digital files tailored to your standards.

Detailed Topographic

ALTA Land Title Surveys

ALTA surveys aren’t your average boundaries survey. Our experienced team, comprehensive process, and well-established standards ensure that we help smooth our client’s process with their lender and title attorney’s by delivering a comprehensive ALTA Land Title Survey on time and on budget.

ALTA Land Survey Services

Boundary & Subdivision Surveys

Boundary and subdivision survey services bring together ancient history and modern technology to provide you with a detailed plan tailored to your needs. Our boundary and subdivision survey services include:

  • Record Evidence – Research
  • Physical Evidence – Field Survey
  • Compilation of Evidence – Boundary Decisions
  • Monumentation & Plans
Boundary & Subdivision Surveys

Condominium Surveys

Whether you’re converting an existing apartment building or constructing a condo complex from scratch, you need a condominium survey to identify and differentiate units and boundaries and common land from limited common land. Our condominium survey services include:

  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
Condominium Surveys

Construction Layout Surveys

We pride ourselves on accuracy and responsiveness to help you complete your construction project on time and on budget. With seven employees holding 10 hour OSHA training for the construction industry, our team is well versed in construction layout, deformation surveys, and as-built surveys in accordance with state standards.


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