Municipal Buildings

Municipal Building Sector

Doucet Survey has provided boundary, topography, deformation monitoring, construction layout, and interior and exterior laser scanning for projects dealing with municipal buildings throughout New England.

Wolfeboro Townhall

Municipal Building Survey Experience

Libraries – Barrington, Greenland, Newfields, Northwood, Newmarket, Durham & Lee, NH

City/Town Halls – Barrington, Wolfeboro, Newmarket, Milford, New London, Meuthen, MA

Public Works Facilities – Durham, Barrington, Exeter, Newmarket

Police & Fire Stations – Brentwood, Rye, Manchester, Newmarket, Plymouth, MA

Durham Town Hall

Highlights & Hurdles

1904 Methuen City Hall Laser Scan

Challenge: The English Renaissance Revival architecture building needs $2.35 million in repairs.

Solution: We completed a laser scan throughout the entire building, inside and out, providing the design team with precise dimensions.

Methuen City Hall

Accurate and complete survey data helps reduce risk on municipal building projects.

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