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Doucet Survey completes multiple projects at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in 2014.




Doucet Survey Inc. Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility, Portsmouth NH

Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility, Portsmouth NH

The City of Portsmouth is now in the design phase of a $63 million upgrade to the Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The upgrade will have an average day flow capacity of 6.1 MGD, and utilize a BAF treatment system. The facility first constructed in the 1960’s serves Portsmouth, New Castle and portions of Greenland and Rye. Doucet Survey was hired to provide detailed topographic survey of the existing 10 acre facility along the banks of the Piscataqua River. Details located include weir elevations at the primary, inverts, observable utilities, structures and 1 foot contours.

The final product was a Civil3D drawing file developed in accordance with the Design Engineer’s CAD standards. Drawings included survey data and digitized historical utility data from design and as-built plans.


Doucet Survey Inc. at DeLong Pier, Thule, Greenland

DeLong Pier, Thule, Greenland

Back in the summer of 2007 Doucet Survey, Inc., along with engineers from Appledore Marine Engineering Inc. and a surveyor from Ocean Surveys Inc., headed to Thule Air Base on the northwest coast of Greenland some 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The purpose of Doucet Survey’s involvement in this trip was to provide high precision GPS control for Ocean Survey’s utilization during a topographic survey of the ocean floor.  Doucet Survey employee Jeffrey Goldknopf used GPS techniques to provide the required data in a tight timeframe. The team had only 8 days to complete all aspects of the project, of which a few had to be called off due to weather.  Mr. Goldknopf returned to Thule in the summer of 2011 with a team from Appledore Marine Engineering Inc. with the task of completing a bathymetric survey to check for siltation of the berth and to map the outer limits of the ever expanding river delta. The data was then office processed and overlaid on the bathymetric survey of 2007. The results showed very little if any siltation within the area of the berth. This is just one example where the staff of Doucet Survey, Inc. has expanded its knowledge of equipment and procedure to meet the complexity of the needs of their diverse client base.

Doucet Survey Inc., Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Building 178

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Building 178

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Building 178 is getting a $38 million overhaul. Doucet Survey was hired to complete a detailed exterior and interior survey of this iconic building. Covering nearly 4 acres and 110 feet tall the building is massive. Survey crews took over 4,000 three dimensional measurements to gather sufficient data to prepare plans for the project engineers. During World War II the building was used to build submarines. Over the next two years the outside of the building will be replaced with highly insulated wall panels and a new roof. On the south side there will be “solar transpired walls” that heat indoor spaces. The north roof will have a photovoltaic array for electricity generation. The end result will be a state of the arts materials handling facility.

Doucet Survey Inc. Club Motorsports, Valley Motorsports Park, Tamworth NH

Club Motorsports, Valley Motorsports Park, Tamworth NH

Doucet Survey was contracted by ESS Group, Inc. to provide Land Surveying services for this unique project on 250 acres in Tamworth, NH. Valley Motorsports Park will be a members-only country club style road course for performance cars and motorcycles that is currently in the design phase. Doucet Survey has provided a detailed topographic survey to ESS. Additional ongoing work includes the location of over 80 test borings dispersed throughout the site and the layout of clearing limits for the proposed 3-mile long road course. This site presented some interesting challenges due to its large scale and rugged terrain. Additionally, the majority of the work was done in extreme winter conditions with several feet of snow on the ground. Doucet Survey overcame these obstacles by utilizing conventional and GPS survey equipment.